B&W King – They’re Alive!

There was a moment of confusion and remorse as the B&W King site seemed to have just gone missing.  I was myself quite confused.  By all accounts the site was indeed down and the ebay presence was all but gone.  This just did not make sense.  I sent the point of contact a message through eBay and of course there was a ton of chatter in a couple forums.  The news however is that they’re still alive and well!  If you’re a member of the Large Format Photography Forum ( you should be if you’re not)


You’ll find the owner/rep directly engaging with folks.  It’s wonderful.  Note, in particular he provides the rationale for why they sell through eBay at this point and some insights into their business plans, struggles etc..  Check it out.


I’m going to post my “in use” report this weekend.  For now, I’m headed out with 4 glass plates, 4 sheets of Ortho Litho and 4 sheets of Fp4.  It’s a wonderful morning here in Alabama and I’m headed into the swamps!  Happiness abounds!

Hope everyone is having an equally enjoyable weekend.


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