Day 3 – Ortho Litho Negs

Well, what’s that they say about the best laid plans?  I’ve certainly kicked off my 60 day photo project in fine form.  I’ve really yet to produce one collodion neg and one ortho litho neg of a single still life as planned.  As you remember from yesterday, and day one, my wet plate chemistry was in need of maintenance.  The wet plate negatives I produced were more a testament to old or insufficient collodion than anything else.  Well, guess what, today I had not gotten around to the maintenance (I have this evening!) and so I decided to just stick with the Ortho Litho sinister film.  So, here’s today’s results.

I created a crazy high contrast scene and I pushed the OL film in the developer a bit…just experimenting.  That is what I will continue to do over the course of these 60 days; experiment.  Oh, confession numero two.  I sort of switched to my Goerz 12″ Dagor for these shots.

If this film was an animal, it’d be a wild mustang.  Only a fool believes they can control it or predict its behavior.  Here are two photographs of the front of the bust.  The first is a 35 second exposure, f16 and the second a 20 second exposure, f16.

Day 3 OL v1


Day 3 OL v2

Here’s the reverse of the bust.  20 seconds at f16.  There’s a slight bit of magic with this film at times.  Note how it takes on a “something other than a photograph” sort of look to it!  I love this.

Day 3 OL v4


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