Southern Cemetery Wet Plate – Continued

I am continuing my excursions into lost cemeteries across the northern Alabama-Tennessee border.  I’m quite shocked, to be honest, at the number of cemeteries that exist well off the beaten path;  all but forgotten.  I’ve hooked up with a wonderful guide who knows where all the bodies are buried, no pun intended.  Besides, if it’s not obvious to you, in the backwoods and mountains of Alabama, you just don’t go wandering around unannounced and alone.  This is really the case when it comes to family cemeteries.

My basic approach is a scouting expedition with her during which I take my trusty M6 and Hasselblad and shoot a couple rolls of film.  Following this I’ll return for a couple hours and make a number of wet plate negatives.  I’ve included a few others below from the lakeside cemetery I featured in my last post.

This particular cemetery is reasonably well maintained compared to the ones I’ve been spending the last couple weeks in.  Nevertheless, it’s magical.

Graveyard 5

This setting caught my eye.  At the foot of what appears to be a children’s section, there sits this tombstone with Father carved in it.  Father, with all the little children gathered around.  Quite touching to be honest.

Graveyard 6

While many of the grave markers are simple stones there are a number of proper tombstones.  Many, unfortunately are broken, however, many broken ones have been repaired.

Graveyard 3

I’m going to continue with my excursions into lost cemeteries.  I visited four just this past weekend and I’m returning to two of them as soon as I can.  I’m not really sure how I landed into this cemetery thing but I’ve decided that, with the help of my guide, to dedicate the summer to exploring as many of them as I can and striving to build a strong set of compelling images.


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