The UGLY Revisited! Count me stupified.

Many of you will remember sometime ago I posted a review of a contact printing frame that I purchased from B&H.  I know you’ll remember because I received a lot of comments from folks about this and even two unlucky souls who followed in my footsteps with precisely the same experience.  The post was entitled

The UGLY!! : B&H Photo 20 x 24 Contact Print Frame

If you recall, while I purchased the frame from B&H, it was actually made by Photographers Formulary, a company most of you know I just love.  Well, again recall, B&H essentially could have cared less.  No return email.  No return phone call.  Big-box store attitude and a smug…send it back.  HA!

Well, many moons later (as in this month) I received an email from Photographer’s Formulary.  Someone there had seen my post and I guess it did not sit well with them.  The email I received was gracious, caring and apologetic.  DUMBFOUNDED!!  Yeah, that’s what I was .  An incredible smile crept across my face and my heart warmed.  Wow, this was just spot on.  Did I say I LOVE this company?

I was happy to report via my response that I am one happy owner/user of the printing frame.  I sort of feel a kindred connection with them on the frame as I had to exercise my own dose of craftsmanship to put humpty dumpty back together again.  I also made a point of assuring them that my angst was with B&H…I did not mention my one man boycott of B&H…alas, I caved this past month needing some photo paper only they carry.  [I suck]   Photographer’s Formulary informed me that they were in the process of redesigning their printing frames and that sometime soon they’d have new models on offer.  I cannot wait to see them and I will definitely have them under consideration.

So, what have we learned Dorothy?   Well, customer service matters!?  Yeah, yeah it does.  But there’s more.  Behaving like you care about your product and the satisfaction it brings someone?  Yeah, that matters big time.  It’s precisely companies like this that deserve our support.  I put these guys in the same ballpark as Bostick & Sullivan.  Another company comprised of quality human beings who stand behind their incredible products and treat you like you matter.


2 responses to “The UGLY Revisited! Count me stupified.

  1. George,
    could not agree with you more. I’m a huge fan and patron of Freestyle. From the Fomapan 320 to my Lith Printing stuff, I get it from them. A bit higher priced on film than say B&H, but, as you said, a commendable store and worth patronizing. Bostick & Sullivan are likewise just plain exceptional across the board. I’d say the same is true of Photographer’s Formulary as well. The ONLY exception I make routinely is Adorama because they are the only people around who stock good supplies of Slavich paper which I actually am partial to when it comes to Lith.

    Thanks so much and I wish you the best!



  2. Customer service indeed matters. These days whenever I can I make my purchases from Freestyle. Looking story short, they helped me find a digital paper that worked well to represent my Bromoil prints – over and above only begins to tell the story.

    I just got a box from them today. The things I got were protected with packing peanuts – which I usually hate, but I dumped these into the kitchen sink and they dissolved as I doused them with water.




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