Gimme a Break: NOLA


The street music in NOLA is better than the best music just about anywhere else in the world.

In desperate need of a break from what has been a couple month stretch of pain at work, three of us loaded up and made a quick drive down to New Orleans.  Idea was to just chill, eat and drink for four days.  Fantastic as always.  I cannot recommend the week before the mardi gras parades.  It’s just perfect.


Small park across from the cafes.  Just lovely.  It was a cool 68F each day.  Excellent.

Decided to just bring my Hasselblad 500C and a few rolls of FP4.  I love that camera.  I love that film.  I love New Orleans.


Got invited to a house party by this Cunning Linguist later that night.  Private event in an incredible location.  Bon Bon Vivant was the house band and blues dancing was the name of the game.  Some wicked Serrano chili potion was on tap.  We danced our shoes off.


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