FOMA Retropan 320 Revisited

CCAD 2 17

FOMA Retropan 320 is a wonderful film with a unique voice.  I did a review of FOMA Retropan 320 on my YouTube channel some time ago.  I compared it to my standard Ilford FP4.  I talked about the general attributes and applications as well as the special developer recommended for the film.  I had made a purchase of 6 rolls of Retropan and over the course of a couple months shot all of them.  That said, I did not get around to developing them all.  This past weekend I decided to go ahead and grab the milk jug of developer I’d stowed underneath the sink in my darkroom and develop the last two rolls of film.  The results made me take a step back.  Lovely and luscious, mysterious and intriguing, compelling in every respect.  I thought I’d share a few photos.  All of these photographs were shot with my Leica M2.  I added a proper gallery of these photos on my website.

Yes!   I’m ordering more film.  In fact, I’m considering ordering some 8×10 Retropan 320 as well!  As I mentioned before, both B&H and Freestyle carry the film.  The special developer is available at Freestyle.  Oh, and yes, even after having been stored away for almost a year in a milk jug, it worked just fine.