This site is linked to my primary fine art photography website.  It is with photography in mind that I decided to initiate this blog.  My goals for this blog are quite simple.  I want to use this space to:

  • SHARE:  Document and share my experiences and explorations in art with a particular focus on photography.
  • REVIEW:  Provide honest reviews of products and services based upon my personal experiences (The GOOD, The BAD and The UGLY). I want to share the things that work and those that just don’t.
  • INFORM:  Provide information and instruction around processes and technique in ways which are accessible to your average photographer, thorough and useful.
  • EDUCATE:  Expose as many people as I can to the wonders of ALL of photography.  This will include techniques, processes, artists and resources.
  • ENABLE:  I want to demystify the complexity and mystique surrounding “other than digital” photography.
  • COLLABORATE:  I want to meet and engage with other artists.

I make no claims to be an expert in anything at all.  In fact, I’m really just a normal guy with a passion for the arts and a desire to share and collaborate.  If anything I’d like to think that your “average” non-PRO type of person can relate to and find use in my experiences and views.


I am an artist, photographer and writer based in Huntsville, Alabama.

(With a day job)


PHOTOGRAPHY:  Through photography my aim is to reflect the impression that the world outside of me has on me.  In other words, I strive to reflect what I see and experience, the way I see and experience it, which is quite unique to me.   This is very much akin to writing poetry or painting.  I feel that the process of producing photographs is an artistic endeavor in so far as it involves an artist, a medium and a vision.

I work primarily with film and glass plate (dry and wet) processes focusing on unique artistic compositions. I enjoy contact printing straight from glass plates/negatives and using both Van Dyke and Platinum printing processes.  In addition I scan negatives and positives alike for use and presentation on the web and fine digital printing.

I believe that the culmination of the photographic artistic process is a print; period.

PAINTING:  I take a very casual approach to painting.  Not in terms of skill and technique, rather in terms of time.  I live, at any one time, with four or five paintings under way and in many cases, well, I’m living with paintings which have been underway for more than four years.  I do not really understand why this is the case.  I only know that they must unfold in my mind and I must be in the right place to work on one.  It’s something which I know I cannot force.  I paint with oils and have a particular fondness for Williamsburg paints.

WRITING:  Much like painting my writing is something that I do for me.  That being said, it is also something which just has its own groove and I engage in it more as an activity which brings me pleasure rather than something I do for any specific end.  I adore writing.  More traditional “classic” forms of poetry and my never ending (350 page) prose project are my passions.


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